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Luckyday Success Program

University of Mississippi

Each Luckyday Junior is asked to identify and address a need at their high school or in their home community.  This project is designed to reconnect each student with their home community and to foster a sense of appreciation and respect.  Examples of past projects include:

  • Development of a tutoring program for elementary and high school students
  • Leading a book drive for the local library or a clothing drive in the community or school
  • Development of an exercise program for elderly residents in the community
  • Assistance coaching at the high school or in the community
  • Mentorship of a student at the high school or in the community
  • Assistance with construction projects in the community
  • Talking with high school seniors about financial aid opportunities in college or other topics such as college transition, encouragement, persistence, etc.
  • Start or expand a recycling campaign at your high school
  • Lead a cleanup at a local park or school (pick up litter, plant trees or shrubs, start a community garden)
  • Assistance with an already existing project in your high school or community