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Luckyday Scholars Program
University of Mississippi


The Luckyday Experience

Joining the Luckyday Scholars Program provides more than financial assistance. When you accept the Luckyday Scholarship, you join a community of learners and leaders who are committed to making a positive impact on the world and taking advantage of multiple educational and developmental resources made available through the Luckyday program.

Luckyday Scholars are part of a robust college experience focusing on the values of Scholarship, Community, Service, and Leadership. There are multiple events each semester that are open to all Luckyday Scholars and each class of Scholars has specifically targeted opportunities and requirements to help you grow throughout your educational journey.

First Year

First year Luckyday Scholars are immediately introduced to the four connected values of Luckyday; scholarship, community, service, and leadership. During the first year, Scholars will engage in understanding the meaning and importance of each of these values.

Luckyday Scholars live together in the Luckyday Residential College (LRC), a living-learning community where Scholars make lifelong connections through special events and programming- everything from discussions about current events to movie nights or cooking classes in the LRC’s kitchen. First year Scholars are also assigned to upperclass Luckyday Peer Mentors who help new students make connections, identify resources, and navigate the college experience.

Freshman Scholars attend cohort meetings each semester focused on personal and professional development opportunities specific to the freshman year. Additionally, freshman Scholars meet one-on-one during both the fall and spring semester with Luckyday staff to develop personal and professional development goals.

All Luckyday Scholars take part in Luckyday-specific sections of EDHE 105: The Freshman Year Experience. This course helps Scholars start strong in both academic studies and  exploration of possible majors and careers. The seminar classes are taught by Luckyday staff and upperclass Luckyday Academic Coaches.

We don’t just invest in ourselves at Luckyday, we also believe in investing in our communities. Each Scholar performs ten hours of service every semester. Service provides us with the opportunity to learn more about our community and be an active participant in addressing pressing issues. Scholars reflect on  service experiences within the residential community and in the Freshman Year Experience course.

Leadership opportunities start early at Luckyday. First Year Scholars may apply to serve as members of the Luckyday Leadership Council made up of scholars who work together with Luckyday staff to help plan and lead activities and events, as well as provide input on all areas of the Luckyday experience.

Sophomore  |  Year Two

Sophomore Luckyday Scholars engage in personal reflection on their professional goals through one-on-one meetings with members of the Luckyday staff. During these sessions, as well as during cohort-specific programming, special attention is paid to the connection between academic knowledge and the future work environment.

Sophomore scholars continue their service participation they started in the first year, and are encouraged to more deeply connect their service to their future plans in their career or community involvement.

Exploring leadership opportunities is always encouraged, and sophomore Scholars have the opportunity to apply to lead and serve as Peer Mentors, Academic Coaches, Luckyday Leadership Council representatives, and Luckyday Ambassadors.

Engaging speakers, book clubs, and opportunities to connect with other students are a big part of the Sophomore experience.

Junior  |  Year Three

As Junior Luckyday Scholars, emphasis is placed on clarifying career and educational goals as deeper commitments to leadership and service roles become priorities.

Junior scholars continue their commitment to servant leadership, and complete their 10 hours of service each semester.

Leadership roles as Peer Mentors, Academic Coaches, Luckyday Ambassadors, or serving on the Luckyday Leadership Council are also available to all upperclass students, and Juniors are encouraged to invest in younger students and the program as a whole.

Senior  |  Year Four

Luckyday Seniors participate in workshops designed to ease the transition from college to graduate/professional school or to their chosen profession.

Our Senior Scholars are honored at a graduation reception recognizing their achievements, leadership and service. This celebration is a special time for all Luckyday Scholars!

The connection to the Luckyday Community doesn’t end at graduation. A robust network of Luckyday Scholars across all three Mississippi Universities helps connect Scholars across generations and majors.