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Luckyday Scholars Program
University of Mississippi

Luckyday Foundation

The Luckyday Scholars Program is made possible through the vision and work of the Luckyday Foundation, which was founded in 1978 by Frank Rogers Day. The Foundation has a primary focus of providing college scholarships to Mississippi residents, and it is fitting that the first Luckyday Scholars Program in the state is at the University of Mississippi, the alma mater of Mr. Day.

Frank R. Day

Mr. Frank R. Day

The Luckyday Scholars Program began at the University of Mississippi in 2001, and continues to grow and thrive with each new cohort of students who join the Luckyday community. In 2010, the Luckyday Residential College was officially dedicated in honor of Frank Rogers Day’s legacy of service and generosity, and a statue of Mr. Day was unveiled in the archway of the Luckyday Residential College.

In addition to supporting each student with $24,000 in scholarship aid over four years, the programs provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, connection to a robust community of scholars, significant service experiences, and intentional leadership development. To date, thousands of Mississippi students have benefitted from the support offered through the Luckyday Scholars Program.

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