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Luckyday Scholars Program
University of Mississippi

Peer Leader Lindsey Simmerman leads a small group of freshmen to the Luckyday Residential College Dining Commons



Luckyday Retreat

The Luckyday Retreat is held a prior to the beginning of classes at the university.  During the retreat, Luckyday Scholars learn about their responsibilities as Luckyday Scholars, participate in team building activities, listen to speakers on important topics related to their adjustment to college and build a network of friends prior to stepping foot in the classroom.

Goals of the Retreat

  • Group Identity
  • Team Building 
  • Introduction and discussion of Luckyday values of academic success, community, service and leadership.
  • Learn the expectations of Luckyday Scholars


Educational-Resource Programming: Educational-resource programming is focused on achieving academic excellence. The goal of this programming is to reinforce available campus resource information to aid in the enhancement of learning. This information will be reiterated to ensure that the Luckyday Scholars clearly understand the campus resources, technologies and services that will aid their academic progress and success.

Life and Career-Assessment Programming: Life and career-planning programs help Luckyday Scholars consider how to gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in their lives after their Luckyday experience. Luckyday Scholars are encouraged to assess their interests and abilities, as well as how to leverage their strengths, and to make choices based on these assessments.  Throughout your time in Luckyday we will discuss your interests and provide resources for you to navigate towards fulfilling your desired career goals.

Service and Community Partnerships: The focus of Service and Community Partnerships is to help Luckyday Scholars understand their place in the larger community and to connect students to these initiatives campus and community-wide.  Luckyday freshmen in fall of 2020 will complete ten service hours per semester for each semester receiving the scholarship.  The Luckyday Program partners with the Office of Community Engagement to allow scholars the opportunity to explore and identify community partners where they may complete their service requirement.  

Social Programming: Social programs provide the opportunity for Luckyday Scholars to interact with one another in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. As a result, Luckyday Scholars will feel a part of a larger group/community, have a better college/first-year experience and take pride in the program. Social programs will take place throughout the entire year.

2020 Retreat Speakers

Dr. Glenn Boyce, Chancellor of The University of Mississippi

Dr. Natasha Jeter, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Student Wellness in the Division of Student Affairs

Dr. Ethel Young-Scurlock, Associate Professor of English and African American Studies and Senior Faculty Fellow, Luckyday Residential College

Ms. Robyn Tannehill, Mayor of Oxford

Ms. Senora Miller Logan, Assistant Director of the Luckyday Program

Ms. Barbra Williams, Project Coordinator of the Luckyday Program

Dr. Anthony Siracusa, Director of the Office of Community Engagement

Mr. Holmes Adams, Chairman of the Luckyday Foundation Board of Managers

Dr. Patrick Perry, Director of the Luckyday Program