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Luckyday Scholars Program
University of Mississippi

Peer Leadership Program

The mission of the Luckyday Peer Leadership Program is to promote the four connected values of academic success, community, service and leadership to new and continuing scholars.  Beginning during the summer prior to the fall semester Luckyday Peer Leaders connect with new scholars to build relationships and to communicate what it means to be a Luckyday Scholar.   Throughout the school year Luckyday Peer Leaders engage new freshmen in experiences related to the four connected values.  Whether it be a discussion on time management, a guest speaker, participation in a leadership conference or a camping trip, Peer Leaders constantly engage new scholars on opportunities available to them.

We believe that both peer leaders and freshmen scholars benefit from the relationship. Freshmen will have another avenue to gain access to university resources, and their peer leaders will have the opportunity to participate more fully in the university community. Leading and teaching others is oftentimes the best way for upperclassmen to understand more completely their abilities. The Peer Leadership Program offers this opportunity.